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Welcome to SNAP® Connection!

Do you know someone between 6 and 12 years of age who is having difficulty at home, school and/or in the community?

Our SNAP® Connection program can help.
To enroll or find our more, contact SNAP® Connection at 544.7778

Participation at SNAP® Connection is free of charge.
Childcare at the Program is available at no cost while parents attend parent training groups.

SNAP® (STOP NOW AND PLAN) is designed to teach self control and problem solving skills to children aged 6 to 12.  SNAP® is based on the social leaning model of the development and treatment of aggression and antisocial behaviour.  Children participate in a 12 week structured group whereSNAP®is taught for different settings.  Children's cognitive distortions and the resulting antisocial behaviour are challenged while an alternative response that has a positive outcome is encouraged.  helps participants handle their emotions and manage difficult situations successfully.

SNAP® provides groups for both parents and siblings of clients.  These activities help build a trust-based relationship between SNAP® Connection staff and the child and family.

These relationships form the foundation from which we teach self-control and problem solving skills.

SNAP®: (STOP NOW AND PLAN) is an award-winning evidence-based, manualized cognitive behavioural strategy developed at Child Development Institute more than 30 years ago.  SNAP helps children and parents deal effectively with anger by teaching them to stop and think before they act - - responding in a way that makes their problems smaller, not bigger.  With help and practice, children and parents are able to stop, calm down and generate positive solutions at the "snap of their fingers.”

 Referrals to SNAP® Connection typically come from:

  • parents/guardians
  • schools
  • family doctors
  • community health practitioners
  • police
  • child welfare
  • mental health providers

430 York Boulevard, Hamilton, ON L8R 3K8

SNAP® Connection is a program of Banyan Community Services

SNAP® is a registered trademark owned by the Child Development Institute’s Centre for Children Committing Offences, Toronto, CANADA and is being used under licence by Banyan Community Services. For more information on the SNAP® model please see     login

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